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Have you ever wondered how to eat pussy or better yet if how you have been eating her pussy is the correct way? Well then in this article i am gonna set you straight on the correct way to stimulate a women’s clit! Some of you reading this might already know how or even might think your a master at eating pussy to give mind numbing orgasms, if that’s you skip this article and go become a sex god now!!

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First off before i get started with these tips, have you ever thought about what you need to do leading up to the task? Just look at that pussy above and lets get focused.

#1  task on how to eat a pussy is you must get her stimulated so that when you start your for sure gonna give her that orgasm she so desires and trust me she is gonna have that orgasm if you follow these pussy eating tips. Ok so before you get into ripping off her panties to get to it you must first give her some foreplay that is gonna get her exited and a little bit wet. Take the time to nibble on her ears and kiss her neck, then play with her breasts a little gently caressing them upwards to ease her tension, she wants to feel relaxed and wants to know you are into her being relaxed before moving down below to eat the pussy. Women love the attention to detail and are easily juiced up if you take the time to give her the proper foreplay.

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Second you wanna stroke her inner thigh light and easy with your hand then maybe kiss or lick it gently and move up to her pelvic area, that’s the area directly above her vagina. If she still has her panties on then kiss and lick her clit area leaving a little wet spot on her panties. Move back a little and then blow gently on it and i am pretty sure she will be ripping those panties off in no time at all.

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Third is actually how we eat the pussy! Start out by just licking gently the lips and clit hood that is covering her clit, this should get her pretty wet by now and then you’ll know she is ready for you to give her that orgasm! Ok so now you wanna put the palm of your hand on her pelvis above the clit and pull back her clit’s hood exposing her clit that looks like a little tiny pearl. Once you start with your tongue on the clit go soft and gentle at first because it is sensitive. There is nothing a women hates more then having you go to town on her and not be gentle about it. This is the correct way to stimulate the clit and make her cum! Start out in a either side to side motion starting slowly over the clit, you can also go up and down or in a small circular motion but remember to start out slow and soft. Once she is into it a bit then apply a bit more pressure with your tongue in the same motion you have been applying. Also for your sake don’t thrash around in all direction like a freak of nature if you ever want to get to actually having sex with her or ever even eating her pussy again do what works correct. Once you have done this for a bit you can apply a bit of sucking to the clit at the same time you are using your tongue, once you do this it will be no time at all before she will be having the orgasm that you created from all this stimulation and you will now have eaten the pussy correct and she will be craving your cock for more!!! If someone tells you eating her pussy is sticking your tongue inside of her and doing all kinds of crazy stuff with your tongue then i am afraid all you are doing is nothing at all but showing her that you do not know how to eat her pussy at all! For more info on giving mind blowing orgasm’s to a woman then click the advanced section below.

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